Healthy Diet: How Much Protein Is Enough? Celeb Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary Reveals ‘All About Protein’

Healthy Diet: How Much Protein Is Enough? Celeb Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary Reveals ‘All About Protein’

  • Fitness freaks are often obsessed with protein intake
  • In her recent post, Rashi Chowdhary addressed this dietary query
  • Chowdhary advised people on best protein sources, particularly for vegans

Protein is one of the three macro-nutrients required by our body for keeping healthy, the other two being carbohydrates and fats. Health freaks are obsessed with this essential nutrient that no one seems to be getting enough of it. Often times our ‘fitness diet’ becomes all about loading up on protein. But does this nutrient deserve all this attention and most of all, obsession? Protein is certainly required all throughout the body, but especially by our muscles. Protein is the nutrient that helps build and retain muscle mass, which is why fitness enthusiasts are often seen paying careful attention to this nutrient in their daily diets. Celebrity nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary addressed this dietary query that most of us have, in her post on Instagram.

How Much Protein Is Enough?

Chowdhary, who has 107k followers on Instagram, has an impressive list of clientele comprising Bollywood actors and other celebrities. Rashi Chowdhary frequently addresses diet and nutrition questions and topics on her Instagram page. In her recent post, Chowdhary spilled the tea on this brouhaha around protein consumption, shedding light on how one should decide on how much protein to consume in daily diet. In the post that talked, ‘All about protein’, Rashi Chowdhary talked about a feedback loop, which she said was crucial in deciding how much of this important nutrient one should be consuming. “We all have a feedback loop that kicks in when we eat. If we are in tune with that.. we’ll always know when to stop eating. You’ll notice how you feel like eating a lot more meat or dals some days to feel full and on other days half the amount is enough”, the Instagram post said.

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Here are a few key takeaways from Rashi Chowdhary’s post about dietary protein consumption:

1. Protein intake depends on body goals: Rashi Chowdhary says, “How much can you eat? Depends a lot on your goal and your current body weight/ shape /size. Not everyone needs to calculate macros from the very beginning. Just cleaning up your diet and having 30 % of your calories from Protein can initiate fat loss. But with protein I rather you use your own feedback loop!” According to Rashi Chowdhary, one must get about 30 per cent of their total calories from protein.

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2. Best sources of protein: Chowdhary simply suggests that you should choose protein sources that are not processed and that don’t cause any skin or gut issues for you. “This will require some trial and error from your end. Start making connections with what you eat and how you feel so you know what works best for you”, she says, advising her followers to steer clear of soy chunks and cheese.

3. Best protein sources for vegans: For vegans who can’t tolerate lentils and beans, Rashi advises to rely on plant-based protein powders instead. “Adding some activated nuts which are gut friendly, spirulina, sesame seeds, chia seeds, some leafy greens high in protein are a great way to up your intake”, she added.