Microsoft OneNote Dark Mode Feature Spotted, Still in Early Development Stage

Microsoft OneNote Dark Mode Feature Spotted, Still in Early Development Stage

OneNote app to also get a new ‘majorly improved navigation’ system


OneNote Dark Mode screenshots have surfaced online

VP Laura Butler confirms that it’s a work-in-progress

OneNote will also get a new improved navigation system

Microsoft is looking to add dark mode to OneNote. The company is reportedly developing the new feature, and screenshots of the work-in-progress feature have surfaced online. As the name suggests, the entire interface covers into shades of grey, keeping it light on the eyes. There’s not much information about the intricacies of dark mode as of yet, but OneNote VP Laura Butler has confirmed that the feature is a work-in-progress, and hints that the app is also set to ‘get a new majorly improved navigation’ system.

Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia has published few screenshots of OneNote app on the desktop with the dark mode enabled. Everything including the titlebar, side panel, options, and the ribbon will turn dark, but the screenshots suggest that the actual note you work will still sport the white background. Of course, this is early stages of development, and that may change too when dark mode rolls out officially.

The blog says that the dark mode settings sync with your Microsoft Account so if you change the settings on your desktop, it will also reflect on the OneNote app on your phone. There’s no clarity on whether Microsoft plans to roll out dark mode on all platforms simultaneously, or make it available in a phased manner.

Butler, in her tweet, says that the feature isn’t even fully available for internal testing yet, which means it may be a while before we see a commercial rollout. She also hints at a new majorly improved navigation system in the works.